ezepole Dispenser

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The ezepole Dispenser
Designed to be situated in parks and dog walking areas, these dispensers have the following features:
Cost - unit and installation costs are low.

Robustness - made from stainless steel, the design of these units makes them very strong.
Longevity - fabricated 316 stainless steel, they have a long lifespan.
Location - particularly suited to harsh environments such as coastal areas.
Maintenance - no moving parts means no maintenance.
Appearance - can be powder-coated either to stand out or blend in with the environment. 
Environmental impact - because of their shape, they have a very small
  visual impact, especially when mounted on existing posts or structures. 
Vandalism - single bag dispensing reduces the ability to remove large quantities of bags.
Efficacy - designed to be user-friendly.
Biodegradability - the bags are made from 0.015mm HDPE with a biodegrading agent.
Fixture - attaches easily to 4x4 post or pre-existing structure.


"Here at Hutt City we were faced with finding a suitable vandal proofed, low maintenance dog pooh bag dispenser for our parks and dog exercise areas and having been involved with the design of the Ezepole bag dispenser,  I believe we have a winner.  I encourage all looking at providing dog pooh bags for your responsible dog owners to look seriously at this product"

                                           Les Dalton, Manager, Animal Services, Lower Hutt.

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