splitter leads (couplers)

"I thought it would be ages before I could use it with a 3 year old and 4 month old poodle, after feeling strung out by trying to take two dogs to the park on separate leads I thought I may as well try, It has made my life so much easier. The design allows the puppy to still scoot around in excitement without getting tangled.  I do intend teaching “lulu” the puppy to walk nicely but in the meantime, your lead has made going to the Park enjoyable for all three of us.

Thanks, Kim "

If you walk more than one dog by holding several leads, you will know how difficult it can be sometimes to control them, especially in tense situations. 
Physiotherapists tell us that a large proportion of the sprained and broken fingers they treat, arise from two leads being held in one hand.
Though it is not for every dog, our experience is that two or more dogs tend to behave better when tethered closely together.
Our splitter system allows you to add up to four dogs to a specially toughened central ring.

The great thing about using our splitter system is the increased control you get when you combine them with the ezeleash handle.   Not only is it easier on your hand,  but when your pets decide to go in different directions, they are pulling against each other, not you.
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