ezeleash care instructions

The ezeleash handle is maintenance-free and requires no special care.  Its design and the materials used in its construction make very robust.   Dropping the handle onto concrete or gravel may produce some surface scratching, but should not affect the integrity of the unit. 
The sanitizer and bags can be affected by long exposure to sunlight so we don't recommend you store the ezeleash on the dashboard of your car.
If you walk your dog on the beach, you will know that this environment is very hard on the metal components of your collars and leads, especially clips and buckles.  If your lead makes contact with the sand or water, we recommend you rinse it when you get home.
If you have a chewer, you will know how destructive this can be.  No matter how strong the nylon lead, a puppy's teeth can slice through it in seconds, so it pays to discourage this behaviour at an early stage.  Halti's can exacerbate this problem, where the lead dangles near the mouth.
Spraying the lead portion with ezeclenze may help, because ezeclenze contains a bitter agent, to discourage it from being ingested.  When the lead dries, the bitter agent will remain.  This is perfectly safe for your pet as ezeclenze is NZSFA Approved (C43) and is rated Animal Safe.