Walk-eez bag fitting instructions

Take a roll of bags and locate the small label with the black arrow.  When the roll is inserted correctly, the arrow should be pointing towards your dog.  The black plastic straw extending from the bottom of the roll is designed to guide the first bag through the aperture at the base of the bag storage compartment. 


Locate the small elastic band that covers the top of the bag compartment on the Walk-eez, and stretch it to one side (this is located just below the soft-grip handle). 


The Walk-eez is designed to make bag dispensing easy.  There is a dispensing nozzle sewn into the base of the handle where the loop of the handle meets itself.  


Holding the Walk-eez in one hand and the roll of bags in the other, guide the roll into the elastic storage compartment, keeping pressure on the top of the roll until black straw is visible at the dispensing nozzle.  Pull the straw completely through the nozzle to reveal the first bag.  Remove the straw.


When you require a bag, pull one down until you can see the join between this bag and the next (there is a white line on the bag to assist).  Pinch the nozzle tightly between your thumb and forefinger, and snap off the bag.


Each bag is long enough to be able to be tied at the top after filling.