Dog Poo Only Bin

Our "Dog Poo Bags Only" bin is designed to encourage easy disposal of dog waste while the specially shaped aperture discourages the depositing of other rubbish.  Ideal for use in dog parks. These bins are available in Corten, galvanised or stainless finish.

Laser-cut lettering may be customised.

These bins were originally designed for dog parks and have become popular with Councils in areas where they don't want the public depositing general waste.

Because this bin only accepts dog poo bags, it can't be filled with large items of waste like pizza boxes.  This makes it's filling cycle much easier to anticipate, leading to reduced servicing costs and fewer complaints from the general public.  Also, because each bag is knotted before depositing, the problem of foul odours is heavily reduced.

An additional advantage is that a bag dispenser can be attached to the bin before delivery, again saving on installation costs. 

The liner can be easily removed if required.  This bin can stand alone, but is also designed to be used in conjunction with our Poopod bag dispenser (sold separately).

To add flexibility, this unit can also be configured as an all purpose bin.