What is WipeCream?

WipeCream turns any toilet tissue into a silky smooth wipe. It is simple to use, just squeeze a small quantity of WipeCream onto your tissue before use. Be careful, once you try this product you will never want to go back to using paper alone. With its gentle, moisturising formula, WipeCream is kind to even the most sensitive of skin. If you already use wet wipes, but feel guilty about the damage they do to the environment, here is an alternative.

Here are the answers to a few questions you might want to know:


Why have I never heard of WipeCream before?

WipeCream is a brand new product. We invented it, not just to help people, but also to help our planet. Currently, many people use wet wipes for the same purpose, but wet wipes are not good for sewerage systems or the environment.

Don't believe the blurb on the packet. Wet wipes do not break down. They clog drains and have to be sieved out at the wastewater treatment station and end up in the landfill.  Thousands of tons of them every year.


What if I don't care about the environment?

WipeCream is not just better for the environment, it is cheaper too, around one tenth of the cost of a wet wipe.

And don't forget, if you are a rate payer or pay rent, some of your hard earned money goes towards your local Council's cost of trucking those tons of used wet wipes to the landfill.


Where can I buy WipeCream? 

WipeCream is available at Pak'n Save Petone. 

WipeCream is also available at our ezeco store