Poopod dog waste bag dispenser

Top of our range is our Poopod.  Made in marine grade 316 stainless steel, it holds 1,000 bags and is suitable for high traffic areas.  It also works well in areas where a low profile is required as its mounting post is less than one metre high. 

This picture shows a Poopod attached to a Tilt Bin.  We are able to offer integral Pod/Bin combinations, should they be required.  These bins are also available in custom branded stainless steel.

The Poopod dispenser is designed to be situated in Dog Parks and popular dog walking areas.

These dispensers have the following features:

Robustness - made from stainless steel, the design of these units makes them very strong.

Longevity - fabricated 316 stainless steel, they have a long lifespan.

Location - particularly suited to harsh environments such as coastal areas.

Environmental impact – with a fixing height of no more than one metre, they have a very small visual impact, and can be mounted on existing posts or structures.

Vandalism - single bag dispensing reduces the ability to remove large quantities of bags.

Ease of use - designed to be user-friendly.

Degradability - the bags are made from 0.015mm HDPE with a degrading agent (see 'Us and the Environment' page).

Fixture - attaches easily to 4x4 post or pre-existing structure.  Option to mount with integral rubbish bin.

Maintenance – because they hold 1,000 bags, filling intervals are longer, thus reducing costs.

To save on extra signage, the Poopod has user instructions attached which can be customised to include Council logo.