user instructions

ezeleash has been designed to be very user-friendly. It comes fully assembled - just attach it to your dog's collar and you are ready to go.
Click the picture below and roll over the words to see some of the unique features:
The following instructions demonstrate how easy it is to use.
To open the unit, locate the side wings on the rear of the lid.
Place your finger and thumb either side and pull upwards. Remove the protective cover from the ezeclenze bottle and place the bottle into the handle cavity. Close the lid.

Each roll contains 13 bags. The indicator on the second-to-last bag tells you when to refill the bag compartment. To refill the unit, open the lid and place a roll of ezebags into the front compartment, with the arrow pointing down. The black straw will project from the underside of the unit. Pull the straw down to reveal the first bag.
When a bag is required, pull it downwards until a white mark appears. This indicates the end of the bag. To detach the bag, angle it forward parallel with the lead and apply pressure until the bag tears off. Angling the bag forward traps the next bag in the V of the outlet, and prevents it from following on.
A full bag can be hooked on to the underside of the handle until
The spray bottle dispenses approximately 150 pumps. The spray head is designed to be angled backwards, but you can point it to whatever position suits you.
To adjust the lead length, slip it through the plasitc slide buckle. To secure your dog to a post or railing, unclip the slide buckle, take it around the tether point and clip it back together.
The pocket is located in the top section of the lead.  This pocket is also handy for carrying your spare roll of bags other small items, tennis balls ...
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