clean hands after pick up

Do you ever feel like you would like to sanitise your hands after pick up? Maybe you already carry wet wipes or a liquid sanitiser with you.
With an ezeleash you don't have to remember other items when you grab the lead.  The ezeclenze is right there where you need it - at your finger tips.
An alcohol based hand sanitiser, ezeclenze kills 99.99% of all germs, and contains moisturisers to keep your hands soft.  ezeclenze is also the strongest hand sanitizer on the market.  The ethanol content of ezeclenze is 90% by volume (most brands typically contain 60-75% ethanol).
Thank you Ezeco!  Even if I'm careful when 'taking care of the business' my hands still feel dirty so I use the hand sanitiser every time.  The sanitiser comes out as a mist so I don't end up dispensing too much & wasting money & time - wiping the excess into my hands. I really feel with the Ezeleash the unpleasant parts of dog walking are minimised & I can enjoy the walk & the dog/s more.  Thanks again.  Theresa, professional dog walker, Wellington
This feature is very handy when you are out with your pet and want to stop for a coffee.  Another useful feature when you want to stop for a break is the quick tether point.
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