what's an ezeleash?

ezeleash is the future of urban dog walking, 

Would you like to sanitise when picking up after your dog?
Do you find it unpleasant carrying a full poop bag?
And have these handy features in your hand:
ezeleash is a New Zealand designed ergonomic dog lead handle, incorporating a bag dispenser and a spray hand sanitiser.
It allows you comfortable control of your dog or dogs. The handle has a grip especially designed to reduce strain on your hand and forearm.
The bag dispenser is designed to accommodate a roll of bags. These can be accessed with one hand, while still retaining easy control of your dog. The full bag can be attached to the underside of the ezeleash until it is able to be properly disposed of.
The ezeclenze sanitiser allows you to clean your hands at any time after dealing with your pet. The waterless spray evaporates off, leaving your hands fresh, moisturised and germ free.
ezeleash has an adjustable lead portion, so that you are able to change the lead length to suit your needs.
ezeleash and its associated products are available via our online store.