FAQs - a dozen or more good reasons to own an ezeleash

Q.  Is the ezeleash a retractable lead? 
A.  No, ezeleash is not a retractable lead.  Its features include:
Q.  So what is so special about an ezeleash?
A.  Where do we begin?  Have you ever felt you wanted to clean your hands after dealing with your dog?   ezeleash is the only lead you will find with an integral hand sanitiser.  But this is just one of the features that makes the ezeleash unique.  You can click on any one of the features listed above, to see how they work.
Q.  How do I carry my ezeleash when my dog is running free?
A.  When allowing your dog some time off the lead, ezeleash can be carried around your waist. Because the lead is adjustable, you can set it to your waist size.  Not only is this comfortable and convenient, it looks cool too.  Since it is safely around your waist, a lot of people use the clip to secure their car keys at the same time.
Q.  Do you have leads for a very small/big dog?
A.  We have two different lead thicknesses to suit Small dogs, and Medium to Big dogs.  We recommend you choose the appropriate lead size based on the following:  the Small dog lead is suitable for miniatures only.  The Medium/Big dog lead is suitable for any dog larger than a miniature, all the way up to a Great Dane. All the leads are adjustable in length and also have some extra features.  For more details on these features, go to our other products.  
Q.  What if I have more than one dog?
A.  The ezeleash is ideal for walking multiple dogs.  We suggest use of splitters that can be attached to the main lead.  The added advantage of this attachment point is that if your dogs decide to go in opposite directions, instead of breaking a finger, or separating your shoulder blades, they will be pulling against each other. 
Q.  What if I already have a lead?
A.  The ezeleash handle can be connected to the lead you already use.  You simply attach the ezeleash handle to your lead at the O-ring and you now have a lead with a comfortable handle, a bag dispenser and storage hook, and a hand sanitiser, all in one.
Q.  Is it strong enough?
A.  ezeleash has been manufactured to be strong - very strong.  Rigorous testing has gone into the handle design.  The black version is made from high quality Nylon 6, and the transparent version from polycarbonate.  Unlike a retractable leash, the handle body has been constructed in a single  piece.  So with your ezeleash you won't ever get a VPL (Visible Pinch Line).   If your dog is able to destroy the handle, we will replace it free of charge. 
Q.  Will it fit my tiny/huge hand?
A.  Yes.  More clever design.  Because it is so well balanced, you don't have to grip the ezeleash like you would, say, a tennis racquet.  The grip is also elongated.  This means it won't spin in your hand and is far less tiring to hold.  It also allows it to fit virtually any sized hand.  Finally, there is plenty of space in front of the grip, so you won't scrape your knuckles. 
Q.  Is it heavy?
A.  Fully loaded, the handle weighs just 165 grams.  That's less than 6 ounces.
Q.  Can I use any bags I like?
A.  ezeleash can accommodate any bag you desire, from a single supermarket bag, to a roll of bags.  However, our bags are specially shaped to work best with our delivery system.  Not only will they tear off more easily, but they have finger and thumb points to assist you with pick up. 
Q.  Can I use any spray I like?
A.  ezeleash comes with the spray bottle already filled with ezeclenze for your convenience.  ezeclenze has been formulated to be used safely with animals.  It is NZFSA approved C54.  Refills of ezeclenze are available at selected pet specialists, supermarkets or via this website.  But we recommend you find a sanitiser that you like.  One word of warning, the viscosity of some sanitizers means they are too thick to work in our mist sprayer.  Of course, you are not limited to using the spray bottle for sanitizer.  You could fill it with breath freshener (for the dog or yourself).   The bottle is food grade, so Whiskey is also an option.  we recommend you don't squirt the sanitizer in your eyes.
Q.  How do I wash my hands and not let go of my dog?
A.  The ezeleash lead portion has a loop handle just like a conventional lead.  You can slip your hand through the top of the lead while cleaning up, so your pet can't escape.
Q.  How do I carry a bag once I have filled it?
A.  ezeleash has a specially designed hook on the underside for carrying full bags until they are able to be safely disposed of.  If you tie a knot in the top of the bag and slip the bit of the bag just below the knot into the hook, it will stay there securely until you are able to dispose of it.  Unless it is a very cold morning, you will find this a more pleasant experience than holding the bag.  If you hold the lead in your left hand, placing the knot on the right side of the hook will keep the bag's contents as far away from you as possible.  Reverse this if you are right handed.
Q.  How can I tie my dog up if I want to stop for a coffee?
A.  When tying your dog to a post or railing, our adjustable lead is very handy.  Simply unclick the slide clip, loop it around the railing, and clip it up again.  eze.
Q.  What if I am purchasing from outside New Zealalnd?
A.  No problem.  Simply click on Store and follow the prompts.  There is link to a currency converter one page in, so you can calculate exactly how much you are spending in your own currency.   GST stands for Goods and Service Tax.  This tax only applies to purchases within New Zealand, and will be deducted from your total as soon as you choose a postal address outside of New Zealand.  If you have any problems filling out the remaining boxes you can use our step-by-step guide, or feel free to email us with any questions you have.  We are happy to help.